Thank you for offering to help with Mindful Memorial Day!  There are always plenty of opportunities to participate.   We’ll need people to assemble and hang the ribbons, and later we’ll need volunteers to engage with the public in a variety of ways.  Whether you can work just a couple of hours or the entire weekend, we greatly appreciate all support from our terrific volunteers!

These are the types of volunteers we need:

•    Ribbon assemblers and hangers.
•    Outdoor greeters to stand outside on the plaza, offering information about our event.
•    Indoor greeters to guide visitors to the ribbon memorial.
•    Main Hall greeters, who will have a basic understanding of mindfulness.  They will explain mindfulness as a tool           for bringing one’s fullest attention to honoring the fallen.  They also explain the process of interacting with the                 ribbons, and they take ribbons down for visitors.
•    "Honor the Fallen" Name Searchers need basic computer skills to search the database for individual warriors.
•    "Honor the Fallen" Name Presenters are compassionate individuals. Before handing the name of a fallen warrior to a        visitor, they ask, “Will you honor [warrior’s name]”?  They then affix the name tag to the ribbon to create a necklace        and they hand it to the visitor.
•    “Mindful Moment of Gratitude Guides” will offer visitors a guided three-minute meditation.

See our orientation video below to learn more about the history of Mindful Memorial Day: