To prepare for Mindful Memorial Day 2018, the Mindful Memorial Day Foundation is working to recruit 878 volunteers to conduct in-person mindful moments of gratitude at Arlington Cemetery grave sites during the Memorial Day weekend. We chose this number because out of the 6,903 warriors who have fallen since September 11, 2001, Arlington is the final resting place for 878.


This group of volunteers will be known as the Honor Brigade.


The MMDF welcomes anyone willing to perform this sacred ritual and is happy to provide training and/or suggestions for creating a mindful moment of gratitude at a fallen warrior's grave site.

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Interested in getting even more involved with the MMDF? Want to be part of The Bridge Project, which aims to bring together Washington, D.C. healers and warriors around the shared practice of mindfulness? Click here to learn more about how the MMDF is working to assess local yoga, meditation, fitness, and/or wellness centers for their suitability for mindfulness-based warrior-oriented training and to determine interest in participating in the Bridge Project. Ultimately we intend to compile a DC/MD/VA area resource map of warrior-friendly programs, teachers, and facilities.