The Mindful Memorial Day observance was conceived as a way to honor fallen warriors through mindfulness.  Only by devoting our fullest attention to the sacrifices of this generation of warriors can we begin to appreciate their importance to the citizens and institutions they died to protect.

Mindful Memorial Day was inaugurated in 2014 by Armor Down - a Washington, D.C.-based Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business dedicated to helping our military service members make a successful transition back to civilian life.  Armor Down actively promotes the increased use of mindfulness techniques to help those still suffering and to provide a unique opportunity for veterans and civilians to unite around a shared practice.  

The nonprofit Mindful Memorial Foundation was established specifically to present this event on an annual basis.  As evidenced by the appalling suicide rate among veterans, the bridge home from conflict is in desperate need of fortification.  The ultimate aim of Mindful Memorial Day is to strengthen the relationship between warriors and civilians by providing an opportunity to express gratitude and to develop understanding. 

"I see a rainbow... They were at every memorial service we had for Lcpl Jeremiah Savage. Makes them extra special to me...
I think God was trying to comfort us..."
- Rick & Shannon Matthews, MMD 2015 visitors

"The experience . . . has left me so grateful - heart is heavy with sadness but also quite full with gratitude."

                                       - Audrey Roxas, MMD 2106 volunteer     

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